January/February 2018 


February is National Heart Month!

Aging can cause changes to the heart

and blood vessels. But many of the problems older adults have with their heart and blood vessels are really caused by disease, not aging. 

August/September 2017 Newsletter

September is National Fall Prevention Month! 

Did you know that Missouri is #1 in injuries due to falls and #4 in numbers of falls in the nation? 

November/December 2016


The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

announced this fall that 2014 data show

Missouri has the 4th highest prevalence of

falls and the HIGHEST rate of injury due to

falls in the county. Let’s get to work, Missouri!

November/December 2017 


What’s being assertive have to do with falls prevention?

With the holidays and inclement weather approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to consider how being assertive can prevent a fall. 

June/July 2017


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15th of every year marks a very important day: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. This day is meant to galvanize our communities, local and around the world, to put a stop to elder abuse and neglect. This abuse has many different faces and to get a better idea of what these faces look like watch this short video.

The most prevalent form of elder abuse is financial abuse. To learn more about what financial abuse looks like, watch this quick video. If you suspect financial abuse, you can contact a Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) counselor in your area.

April/May 2017 Newsletter

April is Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Month. A special article has been written to highlight what to take out of your Medicine Cabinet and we have compiled a list of drop-off places around the state for disposing of unwanted drugs properly.

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